The Health Rosetta Institute

America’s healthcare system may be broken, but it isn’t beyond repair. Practical, non-partisan solutions already exist.  And while many of these solutions are simple to implement, their proliferation has been stifled by politicians, lobbyists groups and health industry leaders who have a vested interest in the status quo.

The Health Rosetta Institute is shedding some light on underutilized fixes so that individuals can get more out of their healthcare investments. By aggregating proven practices from industry thought leaders, Health Rosetta has produced an innovative blueprint for high-performing benefit plans.

Implementing a Health Rosetta style plan is very beneficial for most employers.

Reduce plan costs by 20-40%
Improve employee benefits

Health Rosetta Certification

To help consumers better navigate health plan options, Health Rosetta has also created an unprecedented certification program. The building industry has LEED certifications, and many household products qualify for a Good Housekeeping stamp of approval; Health Rosetta has created a similar vetting and certification process for Benefit Advisors.

Health Rosetta Charter Certified Professional

Requirements for certification:

Pass a certification test
Comply with Health Rosetta’s Transparency Agreement
Adhere to best practices for HR cost and outcomes measurement
Demonstrate a long-term focus by developing 3-5 year strategies for clients
Adhere to standards outlined in the HR Code of Conduct
Remain accountable to clients as defined by the organization

Want to learn more about practical fixes within our healthcare system?

Consider reading The CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream by Dave Chase. BAC clients qualify for a free download. Click through to learn more.