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We work with business owners and CEO's, along with their HR and finance teams to structure easily administered employee health and welfare plans that help them keep employees, attract new talent, at a reasonable cost.


Our focus shall be to bring transparency to all aspects of client relationships. From how we get paid, how we work and to how partners and solution providers play and role and are compensated.


Retaining, engaging, recruiting people are at the focus of what we do. Respecting each individual person or group of people and treating them as we would like to be treated and not as a cog in the wheel within organizations.


We convey love for what we do and for those in our community through the strategies and solutions we recommend so members of an organization so they can feel valued by their employer and love the work they do and where they do it.

We've Got You Covered

Group Benefits

Designing an employee benefits package? Benefit Advisors of Charleston provides practical guidance to business owners who want to make informed decisions about group benefits.

HR Solutions

Struggling with HR processes and compliance issues?
Benefit Advisors of Charleston can help your organization implement tools that simplify employee recordkeeping.

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The Myth of the Total Compensation Statement

September 26, 2020Tom DiLiegro
  We’ve all seen them. The pie charts, the itemized breakdowns, the lists of company benefits and compensation items. HR departments promote
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What Difference a Century Doesn’t Make: The Roaring ‘20s -Then and Now

August 4, 2020Tom DiLiegro
Imagine you are entering the workforce as a young man or woman. The world looks pretty scary after years of foreign war, political upheaval, and
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Guest Blog: How Small Decentralized Benefits Agencies Are Outperforming Larger Competition

May 12, 2020Tom DiLiegro
Guest Blog by Kevin Curran of EBSME, LLC There is an interesting trend emerging in the employee benefits industry. Highly skilled and tenured
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