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Benefit Advisors of Charleston serves organizations from around the country. We work with business owners and CEO's, along with their HR and finance teams to structure easily administered employee health and welfare plans that help them keep employees, attract new talent, at a reasonable cost.


Our goal for each of our clients is to have them be seen as the Employer of Choice in their market or industry space. Integral to this goal is an effective HR and employee benefits program that creates a magnetic culture in their organization for the mutual benefit of the organization and the people that work there.


We employ the MORE system to ensure t solutions are put into place for each client specific to their strategic objectives. We review insurance and non-insurance areas of the organization to identify what is working and not working before making recommendations We do not simply quote insurance.


Success of our organization is dependent on the success of our clients. While many employ a ``sell it and forget it`` approach, we continually review areas of improvement that can be introduced to the market for improved results.

We've Got You Covered

Group Benefits

Designing an employee benefits package? Benefit Advisors of Charleston provides practical guidance to business owners who want to make informed decisions about group benefits.

HR Solutions

Struggling with HR processes and compliance issues?
Benefit Advisors of Charleston can help your organization implement tools that simplify employee recordkeeping.

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